September 23, 2012 Darkest Hour Show; Washington, DC:

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Darkest Hour
I love music, don’t you?  I love it so much that I decided to do a record label years ago.  I was excited to do it and I met so many great people.  So look back to about 1995!  I saw this band play their first two shows.  I thought they were great.  So, I got to meet them and I told them that I would be happy to put out their very first CD.  So we got together and did it !

We were just getting started back then.  We would travel to different states for shows, and the band got really popular.  Now it has been over seventeen years and that band is still together, touring all over the world.  They’re really good.  The band’s name, you ask……….Darkest Hour.

If you haven’t heard of this band, look them up online.  They are amazing!  I still keep in touch with the band and have gone to their shows.  They told me about a show they were playing in Washington, DC so I made arrangements to go.  I stayed with my friend, Colin, and we went to the show.  There were five other bands playing, and Darkest Hour was great.  We got to hang out in the room backstage with the band.  That gave me a chance to meet with a few of my long time friends.  It was really cool.  Thank you so much to the Darkest Hour band!

I always try to make it to their shows whenever they play close by.  I’m a huge fan of theirs, and I’m glad that I helped get them started.  They’re recording a new album now so check it out soon.  Their website is:  Check it out and find out if they’re playing a show near you!

Thanks guys……….you rock!

Rock on  —-  Mike Vincent
darkest hour @ the blackcat washington dc may 19 2003