My trip to Cleveland, Ohio in October 2012:

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Cleveland, Ohio
My friend Dave picked me up and drove me to his house in Cleveland.  This trip was going to be shorter than we thought but oh well.  It was fun and I got to hang out with many people.  So all in all, it was really cool to get to hang out with so many friends…….old friends and new friends.

We got to Dave’s house on a Friday.  Of course we went out that night, and I got to meet some of Dave’s new friends.  It was really cool.  Then one day, we got to meet up with a long time friend of ours, Erica.  She had just gotten married about seven weeks before I was in town so it was great to meet up with her.

Dave and I went out almost every night.  It was a lot of fun meeting many of his friends.  We did a bunch over the first weekend and then Dave had to fly to Arizona for a few days.  Well what was I going to do?  Well, I got to stay with my friends Brian and Kate.  It was cool, but let me tell you more about them!

So I picked up some of my things and left Dave’s house to go stay with Brian and Kate.  They live nearby and we’ve all been friends for many years.  In fact, years ago when I lived with Brian is when he first started dating Kate.  I got along great with her and really liked her.  Brian and Kate ended up getting married and starting a family.  They now have three girls.  Two of the girls are in school, and the youngest is only about 2 1/2.  They’re great kids to hang out with.  I enjoyed talking to the two older girls, and every once in awhile the youngest would hand me a toy because she wanted me to play with her!  They also have a dog, Oliver, and he’s amazing.  I loved him and he loved me!  One day while I was alone in the house, I wanted to brush Oliver.  He was shedding so I thought he would enjoy getting brushed.  I didn’t know where there was a brush so I took my brand new hair brush and used it on him.  I ended up brushing him for about forty-five minutes and he loved it.  After I brushed him, he treated me much differently.  If I sat down on the couch, he would jump up on the couch and lay down right next to me and put his head on my lap!  I absolutely loved him!

It was great spending time with Brian, Kate and everyone.  We made some plans that I’ll tell you about in another story!

Later –

Mike Vincent