Fun with friends in Cleveland, July 2012:

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Fun with Friends
While I was staying in Cleveland, the week of July 16th through the 23rd, friends planned a party one night at their bar.  The crazy thing is that I know the owners, Eric and Lisa Zellmer, because I used to live with them years ago.  We were all roommates in a house in Rocky River, Ohio.  Eric and Lisa weren’t married at that time, just dating.  Now they’re married and have a son and daughter !

It was great to catch up with them at the bar.  They both have heard most of the story about my accident but we talked about just about everything !  It was really cool of them to host the party !  Another one of my old roommates was also there.  Brian Rybek has been a long time friend.  When I first moved in with Brian, years ago, he started dating Kate so I got to know her very well too.  Now they’re married and have a few girls !  I used to hang out with both Brian and Kate so it was good to catch up with them too.

Brian and Kate are making plans for my next trip to Cleveland, some time in October.  We are going to have an early Vegan Thanksgiving together !  I can’t wait !  I told them that I have tons of recipes for good Vegan food, so it’s on !  We’ll have so much fun, and I’ll be sure to post more stories on the website !

Thanks to everyone for hanging out, and making my trip a memorable one !  Sorry I couldn’t hang out longer, but we definitely will on the next trip.  I can’t wait !  Lots of love to all of you !