April 14, 2012 – Trans Jam BMX Contest by Mike Vincent

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What did you do on April 14, 2012?  Anything good?  Well, I did!  I went to Keith King’s Trans Jam BMX Contest in Charlotte, NC.  This was a great contest.  Keith and his wife, Dani, have been doing these contests for years.  This contest was the first one this year that I got to go experience.

Last year, they held the Trans Jam BMX Contests and I managed to get to a few of them.  Great times!  This year, the contests planned should be bigger and even better!  Keith and Dani have several sponsors lined up to help with prizes.  So trust me, if you get a top placing, you’ll get a bunch of good prizes!Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

At the contest in Charlotte, there were a lot of my friends there.  When I say friends, I mean some of the top pros in BMX.  Some of the best flatlanders were there, as well as some of the best park riders.  It was great.  There were competitors from all age groups, including a six year old.  Of course, his dad is a top pro too!  It’s crazy how good that young kid did.  It was a great event for competitors and spectators!

I strongly suggest that you check out the Trans Jam website and see where the 2012 events will be hosted.  I highly recommend going!  You’ll get to see and meet some of the best Pro BMX-ers, and they’re some of the nicest guys – I promise!

For results of the contests, check out their website!  I usually stay away from the results because, for over ten years, I was a judge for all BMX Contests all over the world.  I could always back up my scores with notes that I took during the competition.  It was very stressful since most of the guys were friends but they respected my scores and comments, knowing that I was being nothing but fair.  The judges at the Trans Jam events are usually Pro BMX-ers that made the trip to enjoy the contest.

Make it a point to travel to one of the Trans Jam BMX Contests.  You won’t be sorry you did.  Take it from this old BMX-er!

Out – Mike Vincent